Vegan Breakfast Just Got Better!

Starting your day the BEST way is important in maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. That’s why we have doubled our vegan breakfast choices available this week, amongst adding new protein snacks. But what choices are right for you? Let’s find out!  

Porridge, Porridge and more Porridge! 

The Great British Porridge Co. are renowned for upgrading the Nation’s breakfast cupboards. Made with 100% natural ingredients and a no-nasties guarantee, various pouches and pots are now available on our store. Each flavour combines different fruits, nuts and seeds to a base of wholegrain oats which creates the perfect balance of taste and nutrition.  

Ohh, and the best thing for those of you who are always on the go is that they’re ready within 60 seconds! They’re our saving grace on days that we are running late for work, but this doesn’t happen often... of course! 

So, what flavours are available? You can choose between Blueberry & Banana (our favourite), Strawberry & Peanut Butter, Classic Chocolate, Caffe Latte and Red Berry & Pumpkin Seed. Check out any you like the sound of, and if you can’t decide we have a Bundle available too 😊.

Gluten Free Granola 

We have also added two unique gluten free gut-loving granolas to our breakfast collection: Cashew & Almond and Berry Burst. Both are plant-packed prebiotic bowls that support your gut health with no compromise on flavour. Cashew & Almond combines a super-satisfying crunchy base with smooth nuts, whilst Berry Burst benefits from all the natural sweetness of cherries, strawberries and blackcurrants. It’s a delicious wake-up call guaranteed to put a smile on your face! 

  • Cashew & Almond Gluten Free Gut-Loving Prebiotic* Granola (350g) 
  • Berry Burst Gluten Free Gut-Loving Prebiotic* Granola (350g) 

Continue your day the BEST way 

Lastly, we’ve also added new high in protein and high in fibre snack balls that will continue supporting your balanced diet throughout your day. If we are sticking to our breakfast theme, the sweet Coffee Oat Muffin balls are great to get your morning rolling. The Raspberry Brownie is also berry tasty (sorry not sorry), whilst the Lemon and Pistachio flavour gives you the zinginess of a real lemon, 7g of plant protein and added Vitamin B12. 

Look out for more great products coming soon! 

Team VGS 💚 

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