About Us

Our Mission

To Empower Positive Change.

Our Vision

To create a leading vegan and sustainable home that engages, inspires, and empowers people to make better consumption decisions whilst supporting brands in their progression towards providing more vegan, sustainable and ethical offerings.

  • People

    We love food. Like you, we ourselves desire more vegan goodies and sustainable fashion pieces to consume. Therefore, our objective is to build a service that enables our beloved customers to discover new and great offerings that are what they need and when they need them. Whether that is products for your daily wellness, proteins to support your fitness goals, treats for when it's time to relax, or sustainable fashion items, we want you to have it! Which brings us onto our next objective.

  • Profit

    To provide you with what you need and when you need it, we of course need to expand our product ranges. We are therefore continuously striving to onboard brands that already share our mission of empowering positive change or who want to begin taking steps in the right direction. If we can help brands to increase their profits through selling more vegan, sustainable and ethical goods, then we can increase their appetite for supplying them, giving us even MORE great products to cherish!

  • Planet

    And of course, our planet. Alongside selling great products and posting images of delicious vegan foods that we eat to Instagram, we aim to provide people with more knowledge that enables them to make more environmentally conscious and ethically aware purchase decisions. If we can support people in this way, we can contribute by taking a step towards reducing consumer demands for alternative, less empathetic purchases, and a step towards achieving our mission of empowering positive change.