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Coco Caravan

72% Kingston, Jamaica

72% Kingston, Jamaica

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Crafted with passion. We work with single estate raw cacao and stone ground the beans for at least 72 hours. Then we sweeten the chocolate with unrefined coconut sugar. 

These beautiful cacao beans from Jamaica have a dark profile; heavy chocolate base with slight biscuit and dark fruit notes followed by spicy, earthy, green and oak wood notes. I’ve made a test batch 2 years ago and fell in love with them. 

This bar is sweeter than our usual Cococaravan bean to bar and the caramel flavour of the coconut sugar complements the character of the cacao superbly. Enjoy. 

Jamaica’s cacao history stretches back over 350 years. The Spaniards introduced early Mesoamerican cacao to the island. In 1655 the island was taken over by the British, and Jamaica soon became their main supplier of cacao. The British are credited for having democratized cacao in Europe by opening chocolate houses and coffee shops were Jamaican cocoa brews would be served along with coffee, drinks and smokes. From that moment on, cacao was no longer an exclusive drink for the French and Spanish nobility. 

These beans are produced by organized farmers from three different parishes. Each parish has its own centralized post harvesting facility 

Old genetics on the island are a mixture of Amazonian varietals brought from Martinique in the 1800’s as well as Venezuelan and Trinitarian genetic stocks. 

The cacao is collected fresh and is centrally fermented and dried. During drying the beans are polished to improve their appearance. The beans are polished at a stage where they are hard but not brittle, in a rotary type dryer or a special polishing machine similar to a grain mixer. Polishing improves external appearance of the beans and it is suggested that polishing protects the beans from fungal infestation during storage. 

100% Handmade 

We are very passionate about what we do, and by making and packaging everything by hand we keep our focus, our control and our devotion for bringing you the best possible vegan chocolate. 

Vegan Chocolate  

Chocolate can be very simple; ground Cacao beans and a sweetener. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, we like to add flavours and textures and the natural world is full of wonderful plant-based ingredients which we love to work with. 

A taste sensation wrapped in a chocolate bar, enjoy... 

✅ All Vegan, ancient rainforest cacao varieties 

✅ No additives or preservatives 

✅ Fair trade or Direct trade (Cacao and Coconut Blossom Nectar) 

✅ All handmade and wrapped plastic free  


Cacao beans, coconut sugar, cacao butter (cocoa solids 72% minimum)


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