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Coco Caravan

Chai Caramel (45g) Organic Chocolate

Chai Caramel (45g) Organic Chocolate

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Lovers of a smooth and creamy Chai tea, this raw chai chocolate and filled is fantastic combination of spiced flavours, chocolate and caramel. 

Filled with our signature caramel it is a great companion with your tea break, after dinner chocolate or just because.

100% Handmade 

We are very passionate about what we do, and by making and packaging everything by hand we keep our focus, our control and our devotion for bringing you the best possible vegan chocolate. 

Vegan Chocolate  

Chocolate can be very simple; ground Cacao beans and a sweetener. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, we like to add flavours and textures and the natural world is full of wonderful plant-based ingredients which we love to work with. 

A taste sensation wrapped in a chocolate bar, enjoy... 

✅ All Vegan, ancient rainforest cacao varieties 

✅ No additives or preservatives 

✅ Fair trade or Direct trade (Cacao and Coconut Blossom Nectar) 

✅ All handmade and wrapped plastic free 


Raw cacao butter, coconut blossom nectar, raw cacao powder (cocoa solids 72% minimum), Chai mix (3%) containing: cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, cloves, nutmeg. Caramel: coconut nectar sugar, cashew nut paste, virgin coconut oil and coconut cream.


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