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Intermediate Juice Cleanse

Intermediate Juice Cleanse

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Cleansed before and want to take things up a notch, our intermediate cleanse is the perfect cleanse for you. 

Give your body a break from the stresses of everyday life with this refreshing and effective cleanse. You’ll sip your way through 8 cold-pressed juices per day, featuring our vitamin- packed Daily Celery, creamy m*lkshakes and a few of our favourite green juices. You’ll feel energised and less bloated, with improved sleep and skin quality to match.  What an Intermediate cleanse day looks like:  

1 daily celery 

3 500ml juices 

1 250ml juice 

1 330ml water + 

2 250ml m*lkshakes  

All cleanses include a handy digital pre and post juice cleanse guide.

PRESS is officially Plastic Neutral

For every kilogram of plastic we produce we commit to taking that exact amount from the environment before it enters the ocean. Altogether we have committed to collect 30,000kg of Plastic.


Each Intermediate Juice Cleanse contains;  

✅ 1 x Daily Celery 

✅ 1 x Daily Sweet Greens 

✅ 1 x Banana Oat M*lkshake 

✅ 2 x Daily Lean Greens 

✅ 1 x Fiery Apple 

✅ 1 x Strawberry Oat M*lkshake 

✅ 1 x Water+ probiotics 

894 calories per day 

Daily Celery ingredients 

Celery, Lemon, Spinach 

Daily Sweet Greens ingredients 

Kale, Spinach, Celery, Romaine, Cucumber, Apple and Lemon 

Banana Oat M*lkshake ingredients 

Oat Milk (Water, 16% Gluten-Free Oats), Banana, Coconut Milk, Mango, Lemon Juice, Vanilla 

Daily Lean Greens ingredients 

Kale, Spinach, Celery, Romaine, Cucumber, Ginger and Lemon 

Fiery Apple ingredients 

Apple, Lemon, Ginger 

Strawberry Oat M*lkshake ingredients 

Oat Milk (Water, 16% Gluten-free Oats), Strawberry, Agave Syrup, Lemon Juice, Vanilla Powder 

Water+ Probiotics ingredients 

Water, Lemon Juice, Agave Syrup, Strawberry Juice, Dragon Fruit Juice, Probiotics 


Our delicious cold-pressed juices and cleanses are delivered fresh directly to your home or office Monday - Sunday. 

Standard delivery 9am-6pm = £10