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Vegan Sweet & Savoury Snack Box

Vegan Sweet & Savoury Snack Box

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This sweet & savoury gift box contains vegan snacks to satisfy your cravings. It's perfect for a loved one who is dairy-free or vegan that loves a tasty snack. 

In every box, you will find 13 hand-picked indulgent vegan treats that have been made by emerging businesses who are developing new and innovative vegan treats, giving every box a unique selection of vegan-friendly goodies for your friends and family to enjoy. 

Each gift box usually includes tasty treats such as a “Love Raw” vegan chocolate bar, “Doisy and Dam” sweets, “Nudie Snacks” roasted corn, coconut chips, and plenty of other hand-selected vegan treats to nibble on, delicious! 

Contents may vary. 

For allergens please check the back of the pack for the ingredients list. Allergens are listed in bold. Packed in a factory that handles nuts and seeds. 


Each gift box contains:

13 x hand-picked indulgent vegan treats 


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