Edinburgh's Best VEGAN Dishes

Amidst the hills and the historic sights that Edinburgh has to offer are some great places to enjoy delicious vegan food. Keep reading to see our 3 recommendations of places that we think you’ll love, during your time in the Scottish capital (with unedited photos).


Situated in the Bonnie and Wild Market is Kochchi – Sri Lankan Street Food packed with plenty of colour. Their Vegan Kotthu is certainly one to add to your Must Taste List! It contains shredded flatbread (roti) with fresh carrots, leaks and onions, which are mixed in a mildly spiced curry sauce. If you’re like us, exploring Edinburgh can be a little tiring on the legs with hill after hill! This dish is the perfect comfort food for when you need a little midday break before getting ready to explore again. 

Vegan Kotthu, Kochchi

The great thing about Bonnie and Wild Market is that right next to Kochchi are various other vegan options, such as East Pizzas Vegan Pizza. So, if your friends feel like different food and you have spent 30 minutes deciding where to go (we’ve all been there) this market is the perfect choice!  

Vegan Pizza, East Pizzas

The Ivy

The Ivy has long been one of our favourite places to dine for a special occasion, and the one on St Andrew Square never failed to disappoint.

For starters, there are two vegan options to choose from. First, we have the Tossed Asian Salad which is a warm salad of beansprouts, pak choi, watermelon, broccoli, cashew nuts, sesame and coriander with hoisin sauce. This is definitely our favourite, and The Ivy probably know it’s THAT GOOD since they have it available as a main too – although having it as a starter then a main may be a little OTT!  

The second option is the Avocado and Tomato Cocktail which has red pepper, lettuce and pomegranate dressed with a spicy harissa sauce. If you’re wanting a spicy kick this one could be for you – just make sure you have your glass of water at the ready! 

Tossed Asian Salad, The Ivy

Moving onto the main, we LOVE the Keralan Sweet Potato Curry. It’s quite thick and can be rather filling, so maybe consider how hungry (or hangry) you actually are before getting any sides to go with it. They also have the Vegetable and Mushroom Burger available too. 

Keralan Sweet Potato Curry, The Ivy


Finally, Tattu offers some of the BEST Chinese vegan food we have ever tasted. After considering the Chilli Crusted Tofu, we chose the Salt and Pepper Aubergine for starters. They are served looking like a mini game of Jenga with 9 to share between two people, with plenty of toppings making each layer just as yummy. 

For mains, we then ordered the Mock Chicken and Black Bean and whilst usually you would need rice to mix with the dish, here there was enough to keep us occupied without it. One thing we love about Tattu is that, in addition to its quality vegan food, the elegant décor and low lighting create a unique vibe, making it high on our list for a special occasion or intimate dining experience. 

We did not capture any photos of the food from Tattu – we just couldn’t resist diving right in! But before filling our faces we took some videos which you can check out on our Instagram :)

Team VGS 💚

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