Extra Weight Added to our Vegan Protein Range

Providing proteins that empower those following vegan diets to achieve their varying fitness goals is an essential part of our mission of empowering positive change. This week, we have made some exciting new additions to our collection of protein powders. Keep reading to explore which one could be right for you. 

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NEW Collagen Building and Elite Repair Powders 

The new Collagen Building Protein provides unique servings that are crafted to support women’s health. Whilst boosting collagen levels, both Vanilla and Chocolate Vanilla flavours also support hormonal balance, the nervous system and energy levels. They are also Gluten Free and GMO Free!  

However, if you are looking for a protein that optimises the recovery of muscles after an intense workout, the Elite Repair Powder might be for you. Available in Vanilla and Chocolate Brownie, this one is great for the digestive system and goes down nice and smoothly. 

One of the reasons we were eager to introduce these products to our store was because of the vast recognition they have received from the sporting world. Former professional boxer Johnny Nelson, and personal trainer Sarah Dennis are just a few of the stars who have tried and thrived from these amazing powders! 

Are you a Shaker or a Baker? 

If you find it a little boring consuming your protein in the typical scoop and shake way, then why not get a little creative? Our Madagascan Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate flavours are perfect to bake onto your favourite recipes – or even blend it with fruit to create a delicious morning smoothie! Each flavour is Gluten Free, high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrates. They’re the perfect post workout powders and in which ever way we consume them, we love them.  

But do let us know, are you a shaker or a baker? 

Award Winning Game Changers 

Finally, if you’re looking for an award-winning game changer, check out the Vegan Protein Blend - winner of “Best Protein” at Glamour Magazine's 2022 Wellness Awards. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Berry flavours, this complete blend has been uniquely formulated for women, to enhance energy levels and improve hair and skin. It also comes in a recyclable pouch!

The Green Apple and Pineapple & Grapefruit Clear Vegan Proteins are also unique, sensational tastes to try if you’re looking to expand your horizons away from traditional flavours on the market. They really do stand out from the crowd, providing a light and refreshing juice-like drink to support your nutrient intake. 

If you’d like to explore each option further, check out our complete protein powder range. We also have some amazing protein snacks which are great for on-the-go protein fuelling! 

Look out for more great products coming soon! 

Team VGS 💚 

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