Treat Yourself and Your Health

In need of a snack which treats yourself whilst treating your health? Say hi to the latest Vegan, Gluten Free and High Protein snacks now available with FREE Shipping on our store: Nutrilicious Pumpkin Seeds! 

Why We Love Them 

When searching for new products for our store, they have to impress us on many levels. Being Vegan, Gluten Free and Keto Friendly, Nutrilicious’ snacks instantly ticked many boxes. They are also Nut & Peanut Free, with Low Carbs and High Protein. In fact, when you compare the amount of protein that you receive from these pumpkin seeds compared to alternative sources the percentage difference is rather significant! Take a look below. 

Another reason why we love them is because they are perfect for many different times of the day. Whether you’re just chilling and in the mood for a more health conscious snack, if you're on to go, or even after a gym session they are perfect to keep you feeling Fuller For Longer. They are also quite unique when sprinkled over desserts or breakfast bowls, so why not give this a try if you're feeling more adventurous! 

Sweet and Savoury Flavours 

Whilst being great on the health side of things, unlike many products, they do not compromise on flavour.  

The Crunchy Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds are toasted to perfection and coated in rich dark chocolate; these certainly won’t leave your taste buds disappointed! Whilst the Crunchy Oat Milk seeds will also satisfy your sweet cravings. But if you’re more about the savoury flavours, fear no more! Smokey BBQ and Crunchy Sour Cre*m & Chives will definitely be right up your street.  

What Should I Choose? 

If you already know which flavour you would like then great! Check them out below:

However, if you can’t decide or simply want to try just a few of each, then the good news is that they are available in variety packs too 😊. The bad news... what bad news? You'll be Treating Yourself and Your Health, it’s a Win Win! 

Look out for more great products coming soon!

Team VGS 💚 

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