Welcome To Our New Vegan Store

Welcome to our new vegan store which we proudly launched on the 30th November 2022! In this article, we hope to give you a short and sweet insight into our journey so far, our plans for the future, and what to expect from our blog posts and news pages. 

Where it began...

The ideas for our new vegan store had been developing for quite some time, probably for just over a year at least. In early 2022, we began putting plans in place, but in order to proceed we needed to put on our creative caps and develop a name... 

We will spare you from the long-winded explanation of how we landed on Vegansus! But in short, we wanted our logo to involve a green planet (symbolising our wishes to contribute towards a more sustainable home), and for “Vegan” to be in the name for obvious reasons. We also kind of thought “Vegansus” had a planet-like ring to it – a bit like Venus. Finally, we came up with this: 


So, we had our name and logo! Next, we incorporated our business in June 2022 with the ambition of having the store ready between October – December later that year.  

From July onwards, our focus evolved around onboarding brands who shared our mission of empowering positive change or who wanted to begin taking steps in the right direction. We were therefore delighted to launch in November and now have over 140 unique vegan products available on our store. Take a look at some below. 


See something that catches your eye? Check out our various collections here:

So what’s next for Vegansus? 

Now, after a quick Christmas break, in 2023 we will be continuing the hard work needed to grow our store and to achieve our mission of empowering positive change.  

We will be continuously striving to increase our product portfolio to offer more great vegan choices, whilst aiming to provide people with more knowledge that enables them to make more environmentally conscious and ethically aware purchase decisions – which this blogging space can also help us achieve. 

We would also like to use this space to provide you with news and updates regarding our progression, or anything we think you may find interesting and useful in your own personal way. 

To Conclude 

Before we finish off, we would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about our story so far. If you would like to stay tuned with our progress, or hear first when new product launches are coming and more, check out or social channels (links are at the bottom of our website) or sign up to our mailing list if you like. 

We’d also love to learn more about you, so slide onto our Contact Us page to say hello or to ask us any questions that you may have 😊 

Team VGS 💚

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